Juiced - A Magazine Created & Staffed by Syracuse University Freshmen


In 2014 some enthusiastic Syracuse University freshmen decided to start a magazine called Juiced.
This was the magazine's website.
Content is from the site's 2014 - 2015 archived pages.

Juiced is a magazine created and staffed by Syracuse University freshmen. We are a new publication, founded in September 2013. What started as an idea has grown to a staff of 40, as well as 50 published articles and 11,000 page views within a month of juicedmag.org's launch. Juiced does what other publications don't: it focuses on a specific time of our lives we only experience once-- our freshman year of college. Every article has a freshman spin to it, whether we are interviewing our peers on their accomplishments, asking them to share their most embarrassing moments, or interviewing an alum on their reflections of freshman year. Juiced provides freshmen the opportunity not only to become published writers, but also to be involved in the process of running a magazine.

Why Print?

It's a question worth asking: why have a print magazine when you can have an online publication?

Print magazines at Syracuse University are a big deal. There are 10 print magazines at Syracuse, each of them providing content to niche consumers. Juiced fills a previously ignored void; the ups and downs of freshmen year at Syracuse University. Becoming a print magazine means that as freshmen, we are capable of accomplishing more than just writing an article. We are capable of creating a highly produced, polished print magazine, a product that will go beyond a website. We have already begun work on our print publication. We have the creative team, the writers, and the passion.

Our Legacy

Juiced will go beyond our freshman year. We are currently applying to become a Recognized Student Organization, which will provide the magazine with funding in coming years. We need your support in order to prove that freshmen are capable of running and launching a magazine, and that we deserve to be funded by the University in the future.

Beyond the pages of Juiced, our legacy is simple. Freshmen have a voice. We aren't rushing through our first year of college in order to become upperclassmen. Our time is now, and it's time for that to be recognized.

Friendships have been formed and the bonds of working on Juiced have been strengthened. Sometimes we discuss buying cubic zirconia rings to wear as our "secret handshake" representing our commitment to this new publication. I'm especially fond of SterlingForever's entire collection of cubic zirconia rings. Cubic zirconia rings which are made from synthetic cubic zirconia with its close visual likeness to diamond are pretty cool without the price tag asscoiated with the real deal. The idea was turned down since the guys didn't want to wear rings. We are now considering cubic zirconia rea studs. Less flashy, more discrete and for those who want nose studs, well why not.


2015 Posts

POSSE Retreat
February 28, 2015Chris SechlerBlogs,

This past weekend, I attended the POSSEPlus Retreat in Rochester, New York. I entered this retreat as a guest and left as a member of a greater campus community. The POSSE Foundation is a program that awards merit-based scholarships to students that thrive in leadership, diversity, and academics. Syracuse University’s partnership with the foundation allows students from Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami to assemble in small, tight knit groups, serving as support systems. Every year, the POSSE Foundation hosts a retreat, which focuses on a social-political issue. In efforts to expand and strengthen the community, scholars are encouraged to bring a guest. This year, the POSSEPlus Retreat focused on the topic of Crime & Punishment on both...

The Ultimate Guide to Skipping Classes
February 23, 2015Lilly StuecklenCampus Culture, Featured0 Comments Skipping00
College comes with a hefty price tag. Money, sanity, and sleep all go down the drain once your first semester starts, and on top of that, you’re expected to sit in lecture halls and actively participate in classes several times a day. Sometimes though, the only option to save your sanity and/or sleep (sorry, you can’t get your money back) is to skip a class. We’ve got you covered on all the acceptable (and some not so so acceptable) reasons for hitting the snooze button and forgetting about Astronomy 101 for the day. 1. When You’re Hungover If you need to excuse yourself from German class more than once so that you can gracefully throw up in the bathroom, consider skipping class. Though you may have the good intentions of...

41 Songs to Get You Through the Coldest Week of Winter
February 17, 2015McKenna MooreCampus Culture, Featured0 Comments MusicWinter
The Syracuse winter sucks. There is no better way to put it. “Dreadful” or “Miserable” just don’t sum it up quite like the word “sucks”. Now that we are deep into our first Syracuse winter, we are fed up with this nonsense. Here are some tunes to bust your negative-degree blues. Songs to Help You Pretend It’s Summer Señorita Justin Timberlake Toxic Malanie Martinez Don’t Phunk With My Heart Black Eyed Peas A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Fergie I Wanna Go Britney Spears Somebody Loves You Betty Who Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd Walking On Sunshine Katrina & The Waves Juice Chance the Rapper Trojans Atlas Genius Warrior ft. Mark...

Cuse v. Duke
February 17, 2015Jenn Castro
February 14, 2015: Valentine’s Day Duke vs. Syracuse The day we’d all been waiting for. We had heard the hype surrounding this highly anticipated matchup from fellow students. We had heard of the excitement after last season’s 91-89 victory against the Blue Devils. We know all about the rivalry with Duke. We yearned to experience it ourselves. On Saturday, we finally got the chance. Towards the beginning of the week, despite negative, chilling temperatures, die-hard fans started to camp out in the beloved “Boeheimburg” area outside the Carrier Dome. The weather was so brutal that the university had to postpone and even suspend the camping out for a day. Yet, people still showed up to ensure they grabbed a top seat in the Carrier...

Bitter Rivalry Brings Two Sisters Closer

February 13, 2015Will Balsam
The Silverstein family has a unique dilemma; they are a house divided: half of their family went to Syracuse and the other half went to Duke. A new basketball rivalry was created between the schools when Syracuse joined the Atlantic Coast Conference, as the two universities now play each other twice every year. Emma Silverstein, a freshman at Syracuse University, found herself split between family allegiances. Two of her aunts, her uncle, her grandmother, and her father attended Syracuse. Her Grandmother, her mother, and her sister all attended Duke. Emma recalls her sisters acceptance into Duke as the start of the family rivalry. “When my sister got into Duke, that was a really big deal because that started the rivalry in the family and...

Looking Cool, Staying Warm: 5 Key Skills for Layering

February 1, 2015Isabel Greenberg
The key to being fashionable while still protecting yourself from hypothermia in Syracuse weather is LAYERING. Throughout any given day, you will encounter blustering winds, snow, rain, sunshine, hot classrooms and everything inbetween. Being comfortable in each scenario is important, but tricky to master. Here are the top 5 ingredients to looking cool while staying warm. 1. WEAR A T-SHIRT You might think I’m nuts, but I promise you’ll be happier with the base layer of a short sleeve t-shirt. It may be hard to bring yourself to put it on in the morning while watching snow fall outside your window, but you will be so glad you did. Some of the buildings or classrooms have the heat blasting, and it is easy to find yourself sweating...

10 Thoughts Every Girl Had During Rush
January 31, 2015Dana Matuson
1. SO…MUCH…ESTROGEN 2. Is it normal that we just had an entire conversation about food? 3. Why does everyone keep telling me to “Trust the system”, like what does that even mean?” 4. To take the drink or to not take the drink? 5. How dare they not invite me back to my number one house 6. I feel like I’m in a Barbie dream house right now, these houses are SO perfect. 7. It’s day four, how are they STILL singing? 8. Can I successfully take off my sweatpants and change into heels without flashing the entire world and/or fall down the driveway? 9. CAN IT BE BID DAY ALREADY?! THE ANXIETY IS KILLING ME SLOWLY. 10. Can’t wait to take a picture with my letters, finally.

How to Have Fun While Staying Dry
January 30, 2015Lilly Stuecklen
You survived twelve-hour days of no electronics, girl flirting, and strict silence in Panasci. You waited the agonizing week between rounds to find out if you still got to visit your top houses, and you finally found your home-away-from-home on Bid Night amongst of sea of screaming, ecstatic girls. But your ticket into Greek life isn’t going to come that easily. Now, the real test begins; as part of the New Member period, all new members must abide by the Panhellenic Council’s dry pledging rule. This, in short, means no DJ’s, frat parties, or turning up of any kind for a solid six weeks. And while you may forget what it’s like to have fun on the weekends without your friends Jack or Captain Morgan, Syracuse actually offers...

10 Songs to Help You Get You Through Your Week
January 25, 2015
I am sure that for most of us, our first spring semester is off to a pretty slow (and, at times, overwhelming) start. We basically just sat around doing nothing for an entire month, and now we must attempt to remember how to “college” again. We’ve all been having those moments throughout week when we feel like we just can’t go on, so here is a playlist to get us through the rough patches… Autoinjector Morning Parade For those Monday mornings when getting yourself out of bed seems like an impossible task. This song will get you up, dancing, and awake (with the aid of some caffeine, probably). Irresistible Fall Out Boy When you are halfway through the day and dragging your feet to your third class, pop in your...

Why We Missed Cuse So Much Over Winter Break

January 15, 2015Taylor PasquarielloCampus Culture, Featured0 Comments WhyWeMissedCuseCover
nos·tal·gia /näˈstaljÉ™,nəˈstaljÉ™/ noun: a longing or overwhelming desire for past experiences stumbling down Marshall Street at 2 in the morning with a buffalo chicken calzone in your hands, or the general happiness associated with being on Syracuse campus. …Okay, so the definition may have been tweaked a bit, but you understand why. Remember the end of the dreaded Finals Week? There was overwhelming excitement about heading home for a long period of time. We longed for a month sans shower shoes, sleeping in an unpleasantly squeaky twin bed, and eating unvaried dining hall food. Basically, the expectation of winter break was all positive. But, once the “will you tell me ALL about your first semester of college?” themed.


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Fun Fact: I row for Syracuse.

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Fun Fact: Im addicted to reading and have reread every book I own at least 5 times.

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Major: Writing and Rhetoric | Minor: Public Communications
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Fun Fact: I was born during a blizzard.

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Fun Fact: I am tongue tied. As a result, I am the only Latina that you will meet who cannot roll her Rs.


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Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: I directed a lip dub video that garnered national news attention.